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Electromagnetic clutch in the application of the shuttleless loom
Published:2022-06-13 15:15 Reading times:190
1, an overview of the
  Electromagnetic clutch of shuttleless loom, belongs to the monolithic clutch products within the scope of a special-purpose clutch, began in the late 80 s, and shuttleless loom synchronous development. Its products are mainly divided into combination (clutch and brake components), electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic clutch, and electromagnetic clutch tooth type, etc. This kind of product specifications, parameters, performance and installation size (dynamic torque), starting and braking torque, torque (static) torque and other performance indicators are to meet the needs of the shuttleless loom for the former title; Main WARNIR, KEB clutch company by the United States, Germany, Japan mark clutch company Z f. transmission companies, such as the world famous professional factory production of the clutch. This product will successfully multi-disc electromagnetic clutch effective structure theory to loom is special in the electromagnetic clutch, improved the traditional monolithic clutch structure, perfected the loom is special structure of the clutch performance, make the product performance is greatly improved, the specific requirements of the clutch of the shuttleless loom. Compared with the universal clutch, the product series, along with the development of the shuttleless loom continually replaced by new ones. Modern new type loom (shuttleless loom) can realize high speed, high efficiency, high reliability, is closely related with the development of special loom clutch, which has become a new type of monolithic electromagnetic clutch development category.

  2、Shuttleless loom and the characteristic of clutch  
  Loom for clutch to meet shuttleless loom for installation, commissioning, maintenance, high torque and high starting and braking torque, achieve rapid start (fast), rapid brake (quick stop), and many other aspects of performance requirements.
Jet, water jet loom, because the load is light, the main rapid start to implement in large starting torque motor, electromagnetic brake is used to implement rapid braking, stop. Gripper loom with no sword head motion inertia, and is similar to jet, water jet loom, also USES features good starting motor starting directly. The above three kinds of shuttleless loom for clutch are monolithic electromagnetic clutch conversion product.
In rapier loom, in order to reduce the frequent starting of motor, using the electromagnetic clutch to achieve rapid start in operation, fast brake electromagnetic brake is used to implement the host, stop. To achieve quick start, and to achieve a quick stop, generally adopts the compact structure of armature combination clutch (clutch and brake components). Such as Italy SOMET shu meetall the SM92, SM93, TM - 1 l, TM - 11 e rapier loom; Belgium PICANOL (bi) the GTM research, GTM research - and GTM research - AS A rapier loom; Germany DORNIER (DORNIER) company produces the HTV - 1 / E, HTV - M/E rapier loom; Japan's ishikawa company Ⅱ ISL - 888 rapier loom; Spain SAPA (saba) company's P400, P400S rapier loom, adopt compact clutch armature combination.

  In order to adapt to the loom increased and the improvement of speed, special loom clutch torque also increase accordingly, and using the following two aspects of measures to improve the clutch torque.
One is used to increase the clutch friction pair radial size of the single magnetic circuit. Such as SOMET SM92, TM - 11 e rapier loom clutch, is to increase the radial size to be used by the clutch in SM92 meet the increasing demand of TM - the clutch torque of llE to achieve. The structure of the clutch non-metallic friction material can be used as a friction pair, non-metallic friction lining and metal, a longer service life. Due to the life of the clutch depends on the service life of the friction pair, the reliability of the shuttleless loom depend on loom for foundation of life, so the single magnetic circuit method to increase the clutch friction pair diameter measures to increase the torque, the essence of which is to improve the reliability of shuttleless loom use.
2 it is restricted by shuttleless loom structure size, in the case of a clutch of radial size cannot be increased, the use of multiple pieces of electromagnetic clutch magnetic flux through theory, adopts double magnetic circuit structure of the clutch, the torque can be greatly improved, also meet the needs of the shuttleless loom torque increases. But double magnetic circuit due to the magnetic flux in two pieces, friction pair must choose metal materials, the resulting shuttleless loom for clutch friction pair wear too fast, make double magnetic circuit of the friction pair wear rate is extremely high, which led to the decrease of the reliability of shuttleless loom. If SMIT FAST rapier loom production; PICANOL GTM research produced by our company - A, GTM research - AS rapier loom; DORNIER company produces the HTV - 1 / E, HTV - M/E, etc., adopt double magnetic circuit, clutch armature combination. And the recent production of the new DELTA air-jet loom PICANOL company also choose the brake in the double magnetic circuit structure of the friction pair, SMIT company in FAST rapier loom electromagnetic clutch also choose double magnetic circuit structure of the friction pair, to adapt to this kind of machine without any increase in friction pair under radial dimensions, meet the needs of loom increase torque.
  Loom must choose when slow the pickfinding positioning of the electromagnetic clutch, because when the pickfinding loom speed is low, causing the pickfinding transmission torque, so slow the pickfinding clutch, must choose to locate jaw clutch, in jaw clutch, positioning way, often by the combined way of locating pin plus equidistant teeth loom slow the pickfinding movement. This kind of structure of the clutch is PICANOL GTM research produced by our company rapier loom, SOMET company production of TM - 11 slow the pickfinding clutch of rapier loom. In order to simplify the manufacturing process, convenient installation, debugging, improve the reliability of jaw clutch, in recent years are not equidistant teeth was adopted to realize localization. This kind of clutch PICANLO company production of GTM research - A, GTM research - AS rapier loom jaw clutch. In order to reduce energy consumption and the clutch of fever, slow the pickfinding claw clutch adopts the combination of losing electricity, electricity disconnect lose electric tooth clutch. If SOMET rapier loom production TM - 11 in slow the pickfinding clutch, PICANOL GTM research produced by our company, GTM research - A, GTM research - AS slow the pickfinding clutch of rapier loom, and SMIT company's FAST slow the pickfinding claw clutch, adopt combination of losing electricity, electricity disconnect control mode.

  3、Domestic shuttleless loom clutch development
  With the introduction of shuttleless loom technology and research and development, specialized in all kinds of shuttleless loom clutch are production in our country. Because of a late start, the market competition is intense, the production, has not yet formed a large-scale brand for production. As the shuttleless loom's own development needs, under the condition of competition order, believe in the near future will form the scale brand production, in line with international standards into the international market. At present domestic shuttleless loom, dedicated clutch is still on the stage of imitation, materials and manufacturing processes with the international well-known manufacturers have a certain gap. With the passage of time, the loom clutch must be separated from generic production, and entered the stage of independent research and development, to adapt to the needs of the development of the shuttleless loom, form brand focus on production.